Saturday, September 04, 2010

3 idiots and Five Point Someone

I finally managed to find some time to watch Aamir Khan's Bollywood movie '3 idiots' and read Chetan Bhagat's "five point someone" , the novel on which Aamir's movie is based. I am very impressed with Chetan's portrayal of life at the IIT's and the story's unusual plot . The protagonist - "Ryan" in the novel and "Rancho" in the movie carry a theme that resonated with me the most - "Follow your passion and success will follow you sooner or later" . Victor Menezes, former Chairman of Citigroup had once quoted the following in his speech to the students at Sloan. "Do a job that you like and you would not have to work throughout your life".
Of course following ones passion is easier said than done. There are constraints in practical life, there are sacrifices ,risks and costs associated with following your passions and more often than not pragmatic considerations triumph the pursuit of passion. Chetan represents the voice of the Indian youth aptly but would do well to avoid profanity in order to take his literature to the next level.Aamir on the other hand has replaced some of the profanity in the novel with some profound thoughts, events and music making the movie truely entertaining yet full of substance.

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