Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Technology strategy

Lively class by Prof.Mary Tripsas , I would say . A lot of participation from the students .
Here is the summary of tools learnt in this class . The best part I believe is using these tools one can get a very good understanding of technolgies that one has no prior experience or knowledge about .
One often finds oneself confronted by new technologies , thrown at you with the expectation that you would master them quickly . These tools , I believe would help managers and architects deal with such situations .

Tech strategy – Summary of tools

1.Cash inflow analysis
2.Decision trees
3.Appropriability vs complementary assets
4.S curve- technology and diffusion .
5.Business models
6.Value chain
7.Network effects
8.Focus/broad vs low/plain
9. Role of IP
10.Modular vs vertically integrated product/enterprise .
11.Pie concept - Expanding the pie , expanding your share of the pie .
12.Porter’s 5 force analysis coupled with TEE’s analysis .
13.Price elasticity of demand .
14.Fixed vs variable cost and its impact to the business model .
15.Switching cost .
16.Economic vs industrial vs firm average

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